DKCH. Wehlast bulls adorable disney


Date of birth: march 17. 2008

Height: 45 cm

Weight: 23 kg

Health tests: heartscan, kidneyscan, hd-A, allergytest by bloodsample.

Show results: Danish Champion.

Origin: Disney is our 2. Bull terrier(BT), we got her from a Danish breeder -Wehlast Bulls. We had our main focus on health and temperment, when we started looking for a new dog and she has furfilled our every expectations.

Temperment: Disney has allways been such a easy BT, what do you know? they exist ;-) As a puppy, she diden’t chew in our shoes or furnitures. she allways come when called and she is doing well at training in obidiens. But not with out some typical BT attitude (when an exercise has been performed 2-3 times, she can’t see any reason for doing it again.

Disney plays well with other dogs, even though she’s now a lady(6 years), and dosen’t just play with anybody. But if the right dog comes along, she is happy to make a rumble, BT style. ps she has a soft spot for Akitas.

Disney has had one litter, from where we keept Casey.

Disney at 3 years and highpregnant.